Ginger Tree, where possible, uses the purest organic and natural products available. We are stockists of:

At Ginger Tree I strive to use the purest products possible. These are products that have a minimum content of 70% organic or natural ingredients. I have searched and tested product ranges that I feel meet high organic, ethical standards and give visible, added benefits to your skin.

SpaRitual nail varnish is not organic. It is however vegan and does not contain three of the main chemicals that have come under scrutiny: toluene, dbp and formaldehyde.

Many people don't realize that there are no industry wide regulations in this country governing the use of the words 'organic' or 'natural' in the cosmetics industry. So many mainstream products are advertised as organic or natural even though they contain only a minute percentage of an organic/natural ingredient. At the same time they contain a large percentage of petrochemical based and synthetic ingredients.

We retail all our ranges so you can continue caring for your skin in between your professional appointments. We are happy to take orders over the phone.