A new brand with unique cosmetic chemistry to tackle stubborn problems & general ageing.

Why am I excited? Why Skin Better Science?

  • They have developed a unique molecule – a combination of Lactic Acid (an AHA) & Retinol (a form of Vitamin A). This is revolutionary cosmetic chemistry which creates ELR, Ethyl Lactyl Retinoate.
  • So what you say – well this gives optimal effectiveness and minimal irritation often associated with these ingredients.
  • When applied to skin, it releases both the collagen invigorating retinoid and the skin re-texturising lactic acid.
  • ¬†While these two ingredients are known to be potentially irritating on their own, “the natural and gradual breaking of these double bonds via hydrolysis delivers exceptional efficacy,¬†with little-to-no irritation.” AND THAT’S THE KEY!

Who’s it for?


  • who finds Vitamin A irritating
  • who has found their current Vitamin A product less effective recently
  • who’s skin has plateaued on their current regime
  • who still wants to see further improvements in skin texture
  • looking for an upgrade or change
  • men who want to focus on age protection & want to keep it simple

Even Tone Correcting Serum is for pigmentation. One product used twice a day. Patented technology called b.r.y.t means it deals with all colours of pigmentation, deals with the causes as well as the effects of pigmentation and the overall yellowing effect that comes with certain skin types. Often called sallow skin in winter.

Interfuse Lines Serum injectable GRADE Hyaluronic Acid molecules with a unique delivery system into the skin, all in a serum! For those that want the benefit of plumping out lines without using fillers or botox. This increases the density of our collagen and reduce sagging. Interfuse products are also available specifically for the EYES, NECK & JAWLINE.

Tone Smart SPF an SPF 50 in a compact. This creamy product matches to your skin tone. Easy application, handy carry compact, suitable for men, women, all skin tones and is water resistant for 80 minutes. Great for sporty activity as it doesn’t run into the eyes.