Skin Treatments

Manual facials 

All facial massages will aid lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and detoxify the skin, stimulate fresh oxygen to the skin tissues giving a glow, certain moves will lift and tone, move the body into a relaxed state where the parasympathetic nervous system restores the body and mind and aid sleep.

Specialist manual treatments like Facial Reflexology or the Zone Lift Facial give deeper relaxation, mind clearing, improved skin tone and spiritual uplift. 

Touch Therapy is also a deeply relaxing and extremely gentle way to get in touch with your inner self and enjoy aromatherapy. 

Gua Sha or Acupressure rollering stimulate and cool the skin along with many of the other benefits mentioned. The great thing is these can also be included in your home care routine.

Electrical facials

All electrical facials are aiming to increase the key ingredients needed for our skin to function efficiently e.g. collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, reduce pathogenic bacteria, speed up cell turnover, increase oxygen – all the things that decrease with age or premature photoaging. 

As Ginger Tree creates bespoke facials, I can include one or more electrical system into your facial. Some require initial courses to establish the effect (e.g. CACI Muscle Lifting), but after the course is complete then you only need maintenance facials. I cam also mix manual and electricals together for increased benefit and relaxation. 

Muscle lifting – CACI is the most well known. This is an electrical microcurrent which stimulates the muscle to lift up to its original position. It’s a successful treatment, painless and straightforward with no downtime. BUT, the initial course of 10 treatments must be carried out within four to five weeks, and then maintenance treatments need to be done every four to six weeks. Because CACI stimulates the production of ATP (think cell energy), often you will see improvements in other skin issues such as pigmentation as well as muscle lifting)

Skin tightening – Radio Frequency uses heat to stimulate collagen production and isn’t as demanding in regularity once the initial course is completed. 

Dermal repair and rejuvenation – Other electrical treatments use sound waves and iontophoresis to aid product penetration of active product that reach the dermis and therefore give our new growing cells the best opportunity to be super charged and healthy. 

LED Light Therapy – Light therapy has been used to treat skin conditions for many years. Red light stimulates collagen production, aids regeneration of skin conditions, Blue light kills bacteria, calms redness, aids repair and reduce sensitivity. Near Infra Red is great for pigmentation and healing. This is a non touch, non invasive treatment that can be added onto a facial treatment for additional boost or can be done as a stand alone course. Twelve treatments split to two or three a week is recommended. 

Home Rollering – this is a great way to boost the action of serums. Once the skin is repaired, this is a simple way to increase the benefit of in-clinic treatments and getting more “bang for your buck” when investing in targeted serums.

Facial Infusion – this is very specific facial by Osmosis that uses a gentle but effective type of Vitamin A called Retinylaldehyde, to produce a 30 day collagen boost. This is a very personalised facial as specific powder actives can be added to the infusion. You do need to be using Vitamin A in your homecare to have this facial.

Advanced facials

This is a more invasive type of facial. The emphasis is on what the technology alone can achieve. There is rarely any facial relaxation element. I can provide micro needling and peeling, but these are introduced later in the skin repair journey.

Radio Frequency – Skin Tightening

CACI – Muscle Lifting

LED Light Therapy

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