Use your treatment time for maximum results and relaxation

What skin health issue do you want to deal with?

Ageing, pigmentation, loose skin, lost muscle tone, dull, dehydrated, oily and congested, dry, crepey, irritated, red, sensitized

What do the advanced treatments achieve?

Environ – product penetration, for a full range of issues, gentle exfoliation, general uplift and can target areas or specific problems

CACI – muscle lifting, great to combine with Environ or Radio Frequency. Not a chill out treatment. To add in relaxation, why not combine with Facial Reflexology to soothe, relax and aid the lift

Radio Frequency – skin tightening, improves tone and collagen stimulation. Clients find the heat relaxing

High Frequency – short treatment to aid decongestion of breakout areas, also used for anti-aging, use at the end of a facial to boost results

Chemical Peel – A short course of 4 treatments once a month to deal with pigmentation, and general aging or acne. Not a chill out treatment and can’t be mixed with any other treatment

LED Light – An add on to boost collagen, calm redness, reduce bacteria. Can be a stand alone treatment

Osmosis Vitamin A Infusion – a manual relaxing ritual with aromatic products which also uses the a skin pen nano technology to increase penetration without breaking the skin to stimulate collagen and increase product penetration to deal with a full range of issues.

How manual treatments can support your skin goals

All facial massage will aid lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and detoxify the skin, stimulate fresh oxygen to the skin tissues giving a glow, certain moves will lift and tone, move the body into a relaxed state where the parasympathetic nervous system restores the body and mind and aid sleep, Specialist manual treatments like Facial Reflexology or the Zone Lift Facial give deeper relaxation, mind clearing, improved skin tone and spiritual uplift. Touch Therapy is also a deeply relaxing and extremely gentle way to get in touch with your inner self & enjoy aromatherapy. Gua Sha or Acupressure rollering stimulate and cool the skin along with many of the other benefits mentioned. Beautiful, healthy skin is a reflection of our mind, body and spirit, together with effective, enjoyable products.