Nutrients to Nurture

Vitamin D, B, C, E, Zinc

  • We need a minimum of 400 iu if Vit D per day. even on sunny days in winter we don’t get enough UVB to make Vit D. Vit D & A work together making our Vit A skin cell receptors stronger to it performs better. Lack of Vit D contributes to inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema
  • There are 24 different B vitamins. B12 and B9 help create new red blood cells, B3 (topically) reduces pigmentation, B5 is a humectant and emollient – i.e. soothes & hydrates the skin
  • Vit C plays many roles, including our immunity, so the body uses more in colder weather. It’s essential for collagen production and is a powerful antioxidant. As Vit C has diverse roles within the body, the skin is the last in the line to get any from our food intake. The body can’t make Vit C, we must ingest it – citrus fruits, broccoli, berries. The Acerola berry, contains  50-100 times more than oranges and lemons
  • Vit E another antioxidant when combined with other nutrients, helps dryness, with Vit C it soothes acne, with Vit D it helps eczema. So winter time skin troubles often need more Vit E
  • Zinc is a co-factor and antioxidant (i.e. works with other elements) for over 300 enzymes in the body.  Also, involved in collagen production, immunity, protein synthesis, and immunity. Very useful for breakouts, maskne, because it is an anti-inflammatory and speeds up wound healing. It’s also critical for healthy skin cell membranes and cell division.
  • The Advanced Nutrition Programme have lots of options and combinations to support skin health with skin specific supplements

Relax, Rest, Keep Moving

  • Whilst we may not want to be outdoors quite as much during winter, we still need to keep our exercise levels up and body moving. Winter is a time of hibernation, re-grouping, cleaning out the cupboards, (or not!) and self nurturing.
  • Why not up your at home yoga, pilates, meditation and mindfulness sessions. If, like me, venturing out on icy roads just isn’t an option, there is so much to choose from online – why not give our own Kate Airey’s online classes a go

Get your “big coat” products on!

You wouldn’t wear your summer blazer in cold weather, you put on your winter coat, thick, protective with an insulating liner. Same with your topical skincare, you can’t rely on the same products to get your skin through the colder months. It can be as simple as adding in another layer, or a more occlusive moisturiser at night or when out walking the dogs. It might be time for a facial oil or intensive weekly mask. I have lots of options for you, just ask.